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Since 1985, Tru-Machine Company, Inc.  has utilized the latest technology in multi-axis Swiss CNC machines specializing in precision components for a wide range 
of industries; including, electronic, medical, dental, armament, and automotive.

Our “state of the art” equipment allows us to:

• Produce accurate high quality components in virtually any volume, large or  small 
   with short lead times

• Machine parts of all types up to 2" diameter  

• Accommodate components with tolerances to .0002”

• Deliver on specification, on time, and on budget 

• Produce quality precision parts in one operation, saving time  and money
At Tru-Machine Company, Inc., we have the experience and confidence to meet the most demanding specifications. You can contact us by calling 815.675.6735, 
or by emailing us using the Contact Us page, either way, we'll be in contact with 
you soon. 
2402 Hiller Ridge 
Johnsburg, IL  60051
Phone: 815.675.6735

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